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 The Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical (KEAM) exam is a significant entrance test conducted by the Commissioner of Entrance Examinations (CEE), Kerala. The KEAM 2024 Engineering exam took place on June 6, 2024. This article provides a comprehensive breakdown of the KEAM 2024 exam, including the answer key, question paper solutions, exam pattern, marking scheme, qualifying marks, and results.

KEAM 2024 Exam Details

Exam Date and Format

The KEAM 2024 Engineering exam was held on June 6, 2024, from 2 PM to 5 PM. It was conducted in a computer-based mode and consisted of 150 multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The subjects included Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Here is the breakdown:

  • Mathematics: 75 questions
  • Physics: 45 questions
  • Chemistry: 30 questions

Candidates had 180 minutes to complete the exam.

Marking Scheme

The marking scheme for KEAM 2024 is as follows:

  • Correct Answer: 4 marks
  • Incorrect Answer: 1 mark deducted
  • Unanswered Question: No penalty

KEAM 2024 Question Paper and Answer Key

Following the KEAM 2024 exam on June 6, candidates could access the initial question paper solutions and answer key based on memory recall. The official answer key and question papers will be released by CEE on their official website,, a few days post-exam.

Mathematics Section Sample Questions and Answers

Here are some sample questions from the Mathematics section along with their solutions:

  1. Question: [Sample Math Question]

    • Answer: D
  2. Question: [Sample Math Question]

    • Answer: [Correct Answer]
  3. Question: [Sample Math Question]

    • Answer: [Correct Answer]

(Additional sample questions and their answers follow in a similar format.)

Coaching Centres' Answer Keys

Several coaching centres, including Xylem and Brilliant Pala, have provided their own versions of the KEAM 2024 answer keys and question paper solutions. Candidates can download these resources for detailed solutions and to estimate their scores.

Using the KEAM Answer Key for Score Calculation

To estimate scores, candidates can use the KEAM 2024 marking scheme:

  • Tally the number of correct answers and multiply by 4.
  • Count the incorrect answers and multiply by -1.
  • Sum these values to get the estimated score.

Example Calculation

If a candidate answered 100 questions correctly and 30 incorrectly:

  • Correct Answers: 100 × 4 = 400
  • Incorrect Answers: 30 × (-1) = -30
  • Estimated Score: 400 - 30 = 370

KEAM 2024 Engineering Exam Pattern

The KEAM 2024 exam pattern is structured to assess a candidate's proficiency in the core subjects of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry through an objective MCQ format. The table below summarizes the exam pattern:

SubjectNumber of QuestionsMarks

Qualifying Marks and Ranking

Qualifying Criteria

To be eligible for the engineering rank list, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum Normalized Score: 10 in the Engineering Entrance Examination
  • SC/ST Candidates: Exempt from minimum score requirements but must answer at least one question.

Expected Marks vs. Ranks

Based on previous year trends, the expected ranks for KEAM 2024 scores are:

  • 550+ Marks: Rank 1 to 5000
  • 450+ Marks: Rank 5001 to 20000
  • 350+ Marks: Rank 20001 to 50000
  • 250 and below: Rank 50000+

KEAM 2024 Results

Result Announcement

The CEE will release the KEAM 2024 results in the form of a scorecard. The results will be normalized to account for multiple sessions and will be indexed to 300. Candidates can access their results through the candidate portal on the CEE website.

Rank List Preparation

The final rank list for KEAM 2024 will be prepared by giving equal weightage (50:50) to the candidates' normalized 10+2 scores and KEAM 2024 scores. This combined score will determine the candidates' ranks, which will be used for seat allocation through the KEAM Centralized Allotment Process (CAP-2024).

KEAM 2024 Cutoff

The KEAM 2024 cutoff will be released by the CEE after each phase of counselling. The cutoff ranks will be category-specific and will outline the final ranks for various colleges and courses.


The KEAM 2024 exam is a critical step for engineering aspirants in Kerala. By understanding the exam pattern, marking scheme, and utilizing the answer keys, candidates can effectively estimate their scores and prepare for the next steps in the admission process. Keep an eye on the official CEE website for the release of the official answer keys and results.

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